Stage 10 | Route description

Cross the Drau/Drava river in Lavamünd/Labot then turn onto the marked path on the other side of the bridge (03 Weitwanderweg Südalpen). After a short ascent through the forest you reach a large agricultural site, from where the village of Bach/Potoče can be seen. The Karawanken-Karavanke Trail leads past the cemetery into the aforementioned village, in close proximity to the Patek Mühle mill (museum) through the so-called Polischkagraben in Ivnik pri Illmitzen/Suhi to a shrine (2 km, cca. 35 mins). Head in a southerly direction to the Tratnik farm and onwards along the road past the Posdich and Straunik farms, along forest roads, through forests and clearings over the Komel masif/Kömmel. From the highest point descend on roads and paths all the way to the town of Pliberk/Bleiburg. Continue through the town, heading in the direction of Mt. Petzen/Peca, cross the railway station and continue on field paths to Pirkdorfer See/Breško jezero (Pliberk–Pirkdorfer See cca. 1:30 h). 

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