The Geopark


I am imagining: An adventure playground surrounded by stunning natural beauty. More than 1,000 square kilometres in size, with mountains, former volcanoes, caves and an incomparably rich geological history. I am imagining footpaths — hiking trails, climbing routes, view points — fabulous pathways not well-beaten tracks.

Strange that this part of the Alps, the Karawanken mountains, is not more widely known. After all, it is one of the longest mountain ridges in Europe. This region between Mount Uršlja gora, the Petzen and the Koschuta, between two countries, between mountain peaks and what was once the seabed, between adventure and tranquillity, on the deep geological fault line between Europe and Africa.

I can’t wait to discover this park, to explore it and to experience it. I can’t wait for the thrill of spectacular scenery but without the crowds, a history of the Earth but without the history books. I can’t wait to spend time here in Nature’s playground.

Geopark Karawanken/Karavanke – an amazing cross-border discovery

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