The Hemmaberg


The Hemmaberg, at the northern foot of the Petzen, lies on one of the oldest known pilgrimage routes in Europe.

It’s wonderful up here, in the clearings and by the old lime tree. To answer the question thought, there are four church complexes here. One next to the other. Each one tells its own moving story. The oldest is 1,600 years old.

Archaeologists are discovering more and more foundation walls and artefacts on this magical site. They all tell tales of ancient ways of life.

But most people probably came to seek out the miraculous spring in the St. Rosalia cave that is shrouded in legend. Even today, thousands of visitors still come to see it every year.

No wonder really, given this captivating place and the glorious view over the Jauntal valley.

Geopark Karawanken/Karavanke – an amazing cross-border discovery

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